#41 Patagonia – Glaciarly pleasures

That’s gonna be a quick one. Barbara and I had a few days in El Calafate, basically with the sole goal to get up close with Perito Moreno, a rare breed when it comes to glaciers. First of all, it’s really big. On average 74 meters high above the lake and about five kilometers wide. Secondly, unlike most glaciers, Perito Moreno is advancing.


We caught a bus in El Calafate which stopped at the entrance of the Los Glaciares National Park for us to pay the park fee and then went on to the visitor center. There are several trails to explore the area and get different views of the north and south face of the glacier. There is also the possibility to get up close with it by tourist boat. Considering that we have done that in Alaska, we skipped the boat and stuck to walking.

Even when you are not on sea level looking up the glacier’s massive facade, it’s an impressive show to watch and hear blocks of ice thousands of years old breaking off and crashing into the lake.


And as always in Argentina, some good food is never too far away. El Calafate has a range of good restaurants. As our last act in Argentina, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at La Zaina.


Braised lamb in a Malbec Sauce…sweet baby Jesus!

With that, our time in South America comes to an end. It was an amazing experience to explore this part of the world in such depth. But as always, there are still many places to be seen. I guess we will just have to come back a few more times.

2 thoughts on “#41 Patagonia – Glaciarly pleasures

  1. Wow, just wow.
    Unsurprisingly, as I would have loved Alaska or the Canadian rocks, the same goes to this place that I never even heard of. Amazingly beautiful.
    How do you even pack for a trip with so many different climates?


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